I always wondered what to write here… I mean, how do I describe what it’s like to sit in the small courtyard, have a couple of drinks with mates, and check out local bands doing their thing in a tiny capacity room… and then I saw this

It sums us up pretty well.
YES we have $7 pints of Brunny from open until 7pm every day. YEAH we have live music on pretty much every night we are open.  YEP it can get a little loud, but that’s rock n roll right?!  And YESSIR the banter isn’t always of the highest calibre.  But that is what makes us who we are.
If you have never stepped foot into Whole Lotta Love, then come down and give us a go… If you haven’t been in for a couple of years, then come and see what’s changed, give us another shot… And if you are in all the time and part of the reason we can stay open, to you, we say THANK YOU and see you again soon xoxo