OXFAM Trailwalker 2019

Whole Lotta Walkers

Well, that’s the Oxfam Trailwalker Australia for 2019!

We retired at checkpoint 6… 73.1 kms and 26 hours in… we had been walking in the rain for about 5 hours straight by that point and were saturated, in pain, and exhausted. If it wasn’t raining we probably could’ve just ground out the last 27kms. But now we have a milestone to beat for next year!!

Huge shout out to the team:
Hayley – the machine!! You just kept going and going, even after getting major strapping repairs to BOTH feet and ankles, you led us through that last killer section!
Kristin – the soldier!! You were all smiles for most of the walk, and when injuries and rain started to get the better of you, you just soldiered on right into our last checkpoint!
Ben – the motivator!! You kept checking in with all of us the entire 26 hours, giving us words of praise and encouragement. Even when you were on your last legs, you would tell us all how good were doing.

And without this last person, we wouldn’t have made it far at all… Dillan – the enabler!! You were captain of the support crew and were at each and every checkpoint making sure we had what we needed. You coordinated all of our other support crew for each stop, and also got us all motivational messages from loved ones for when we were down. We couldn’t have got that far without you!

With everyone’s support, we raised a massive $4,000 for Oxfam 💰💰

Thank you so much to everyone for their support, either financial or love or both!!

💜 Sash 
(- the down hill power!! I couldn’t get up the hills at any great speed, but get me on the down hill and I’d set a cracking pace and overtake everyone!)

Whole Lotta Walkers – About to start at 10am Friday 29th
As we retired at noon on Saturday 30th… 73.1kms, 26 hours, lots laughs, a few tears, a couple of injuries, and a lot of bonding time later.